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Welcome to Ashapura Midgulf

Ashapura MidGulf NV ( AMNV ) is a solely owned Ashapura facility with the sole intention of catering to the European market in a better way with our range of value added mineral products in a tailor made fashion. AMNV has production capacities of over 70,000 Mts / Yr for Bentonite and more than 40,000 Mts / Y for Bleaching Earth.

Given the strategic importance of Europe as a market for Ashapura’s product basket, the company has Mineral Processing Complex Ashapura Midgulf NV at Antwerp. This processing facility has the capability of processing three products Bentonite, Bleaching Clay and Kaolin which are exported from India in a semi-processed form. Setting up such a processing hub in Europe would add value in terms of immediate supplies, inventory management and quality control to the doorsteps of European Customers.